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The Tumblr for AQ-Entertainment's 4 group member, Miss-A.

Miss A (미쓰에이) consists of Jia, Min, Suzy and Fei.

More Information can be found at their International forum, www.ultimatemiss-a.com

U don’t know me X 4 so shut up boy X 4

You never said anything in front of me, yet you started talking behind my back
(I am) speechless
Hello hello hello Just like it’s your first time seeing a girl like me
Why do you want to judge me or are you scared of me?

Bad Girl on the outside, Good Girl on the inside
(You) don’t know me well and only saw my appearance
It’s so funny that you look at me as if I am a cold-hearted woman
Bad Girl while dancing, Good Girl while in love
You look fascinating while watching me dancing
Yet you started gossiping once it’s over, your pretense makes me laugh

Wearing these kind of clothes, with these kind of hairstyle
Girls look striking when they dance like that
But you are the limelight
Hello Hello Hello stand behind me if you are lack of confidence
Why do you keep on complaining and not confess your true feelings

Looking for a man who can take care of me, looking for a real man
Not one who only knows how to talk and act in front of me
So there isn’t any man out there who can make me feel ease? With this much of confidence
I can live like myself , freely, looking forward for (my) future

U don’t know me X 4 so shut up boy X 4

Translated by: Aoiare & MilkShake@ultimatemiss-a.com
Please take out with full and proper credits! Thank You!

Bad Girl Good Girl
Different auras from the 4 different girls

Different auras from the 4 different girls

Miss A {Intro} (7th July ‘10) MÑet ©oun¿down Debut

Bad Girl on the outside while Good Girl on the inside
Bad Girl Good Girl